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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Making a list and checking it twice?

Last year my friend D and I decided to brave the Black Friday sales. Ian was only 3.5 months old and I was still learning new mommy restraint. (AKA: learning NOT to buy every cute outfit or toy). The sales were totally worth it. I got toys 50% off and clothes 70% off. We decided that day that we would go again each year.

Fast forward 365 days to Black Friday 2010. Ian spent the night with Nonny and PopPop so that Drew and Tim could come with D and I. JaimieLou decided to join in the fun as well. 2:00 am my alarm went off and we were up and going. Starbucks doubleshot in my hand and Redbull clutched firmly in Drew and Tim's hands, we loaded in the car and headed to Kohl's for their 3am opening. I had looked at all the ads and had an idea of what I wanted to get, but no firm list. We weren't looking for doorbuster items or big purchases. Instead we were just looking for deals on toys for little man. Most of his toys are baby toys. Now that he is walking (running) and working on talking, it is getting close to time to pack those toys up and pull out some big boy toys. Between stops at Kohls, Target, and Walmart, I was able to knock out my shopping for Ian (and a few other little things for others).

Here's my two faves (Ssshhhhhh....don't tell him) :)

This awesome little tent and tunnel. He is big on peek a boo from behind big things (like doors) and crawling through tunnels, so this was a no brainer. Plus it is small enough for inside.

Not to be outdone, Uncle Tim has pulled out the big guns. He got Ian a battery powered Handy Manny Quad. (Mommy is looking for a matching helmet, lol)

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