The journey may not always be smooth, the path may not always be clear, but in every moment there is a memory waiting to be made. What we make of these moments is up to us.

Monday, January 17, 2011

It is official!

After much prayer and contemplation, Drew and I have decided to adopt again! We are very excited to begin this journey toward bringing home another child and Ian having a little sister. That's right, we have applied to adopt a baby girl.

This time we have chosen to go through an agency. (Of course we are always open to the fact that God may have other plans for us. He did with Ian. And what an amazing journey that was and blessing he is!) We met the head of this agency during our adoption process with Ian. Last minute we were told that we had to have a private social worker meet with us before we were allowed to bring Ian back into SC. That meant we had to find a worker near Charlotte that would be available right away. Enter Sharon, from Christian Family Services. I called her 10 am on a Friday morning and she was able to meet us at a local Wendy's at noon. She was amazing and crucial in us getting the clearance we needed to come home, helping make sure our paperwork was in line, and getting the adoption finalized swiftly. She was just an awesome person to add to our list of people who are hugely important in our lives.

Fast forward to now: Drew and I are ready to expand our family again and again we are feeling called to adopt. Our first call was to Sharon. She sent us all the info and paperwork we needed to get started. We filled out basic forms, picked out our favorite family photo, picked out a photo of the front of our house, wrote a check for our application fee and sealed it up in hopes of a fast approval. The mail man picked up it up a little while ago. As he left I smiled knowing that we are one step closer to bringing our next child home.

Please pray that this journey is as smooth and joyous as the journey that led us to Ian.

More to come....