The journey may not always be smooth, the path may not always be clear, but in every moment there is a memory waiting to be made. What we make of these moments is up to us.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shockingly I am at a loss for words

I know that any friends of mine reading the title line of this post are in disbelief. I created this BLOG in early July and have yet to post anything on it. This is because I have had no idea what to post. I have started a few entries, but then been unhappy with them or run out of time to finish them. Even now, I have been sitting here staring at the monitor for quite a few minutes in an effort to figure out what to say. Guess I will just start at the begining:

Why am I creating a blog?
Well, my wonderful friend, Beth, created one to document the day to day with her precious little baby boy, Gee (Legree). He is about 3 months older than our little man. As I started reading her posts, I realized that this is a great way to make sure that we remember the little things. Those moments that later on can be really great memories. Having just adopted our amazing little man, Ian, in September we are having more and more of the milestone moments that I want to be sure we remember. I want Ian to be able to read this when he is older and try to remember all the fun things we did when he was little.

So, that's pretty much what this will be...just a place for me to post thoughts about what has been going on with our little family. Nothing to exciting or entertaining to everyone else, but the most important things in the world to us.

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